Our Profile

Clearly. Simply. Who We Are.


Satellite Creatives is your creative design concierge

Are you seeking a fresh perspective in projecting your corporate brand and identity? Do you need to charm your audiences with your marketing campaigns? 

Let Satellite Creatives be the bright spark that transforms your creative ideas into compelling marketing messages. Together, we will develop a vibrant and exciting corporate message that thrllls your clients and stake holders.

We are at your service for both traditional and new media campaigns and you can count on us to deliver a one-stop shop service for all your corporate and marketing communications needs. 

We create concepts and ideas that are deeply aligned to Who You Are is and How you intend to be recognised and remembered.

Our strengths lie in our ability to deconstruct your ideas and to suggest creative and functional concepts so as to deliver a message that is clear and simple.

Through us, get ready for a thrilling marketing and communications program will surely stir the imagination and conjure one's excitement.

What We Stand For.

Satellite Creatives, in Mandarin, 卫创意, is a boutique creative agency where our primary objective is to deliver good designs that are pleasing to the senses and are yet practical and functional.

-- to protect, to defend. Our designs will always serve to protect your image, to build your brand.

创 意 -- to be productive, to create, to be creative. Our creative ideas and designs can delivers opportunities for us to connect with your existing target audience and to enlarge your customer base.

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Our Clients

Satellite Creatives is the global creative design partner of choice for companies who seek a fresh outlook in projecting their corporate soul and identity.

We are honoured to have been given the opportunity to work on a varierty of projects with the following organsiations: