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Helpful Hints

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In the meantime, these are some pointers that may assist you in your next project. We will be adding new tips as we go along so be sure to check back regularly. Do drop us a line too, if you have any suggestions that may be prove to be helpful to our peers. And In case of emergency, drop us a line and we'll attend to you as promptly as possible.


Paper Sizes

These are some common paper sizes that will surely be helpful to one and all.

Be it for offset or digital printing, or even for your own in-house print projects, the most essential part of any brief is the size of the media.  

Size  mm x mm  in x in 
A0  841 × 1189  33.1 × 46.8
A1 594 × 841  23.4 × 33.1
A2 420 × 594  16.5 × 23.4
A3 297 × 420 11.7 × 16.5
A4 210 × 297  8.3 × 11.7
A5 148 × 210 5.8 × 8.3
A6 105 × 148 4.1 × 5.8



Types of Banners

Banners are used to shout out your messages at public areas and can come in various types and systems. Depending on your usage, environment and other constraints, choose the best type to suit your needs. We highlight just a few popular options which you can consider for your next event.


A. Banners

I. PVC Banners

These are commonly displayed at outdoor places as these banners are durable and can withstand the elements. There are generally no standard sizes for canvass banners which means that it gives you the flexibility to scale the artwork to fit the space available. Eyelets with reinforced rings are found on the 4 corners and around the edge of the banners for easy installation.

As these are usually exposed to the scorching sun and belting rain, the ink will tend to fade quickly. So, be sure to replace the banners regualrly for best results.

II. Fine PVC Banners

Unlike the textured surface of the standard PVC Banners, Fine PVC Banners has a smooth surface, which offers better print production and sharper images. These are suitable for Event Backdrops.

Note that the maximum width of the printer is 1.2m, as such prints that are larger than this would require stictching.


B. Pull Up Banners (Easy Roll Banners)

These are excellent for exhibitions or road shows. Pull Up Banners, as it name suggests, can be pull up to display the messages your want to communicate and can be rolled up for easy storage.

Pull Up Banners come in 4 standard sizes:
  • 170cm (H) x 62cm (W)
  • 200cm (H) x 85cm (W)
  • 200cm (H) x 100cm (W)
  • 200cm (H) x 120cm (W)

We recommend printing on Synthetic Paper for better reproduction and durabilty, with the choice of Gloss or Matt finishing.  

Frames are in either Chrome or Black and are suitable for indoor use.


C. X-Frame Banners

Ideal for any promotion, product launches, road shows or exhibitions and are fast and easy to set up.
As its name suggests, its tripod legs opens up to form the shape of the "X" for you to display your graphics. These are more economical than pull up banners, however stands and canvass are stored separately. 

X-Frame Banners comes in these sizes: 
  • 180cm (H) x 60cm (W) -- Graphics size can range from 160 cm to max 180 cm (H)
  • 200cm (H) x 80cm (W) 
  • 160cm (H) x 60cm (W)
  • 200cm (H) x 120cm (W)